You may use these forms to request an expungement of the records of convictions for Public Intoxication, PAULA (Possession of Alcohol Under Legal Age), and cases in which all charges were dismissed or you were found not guilty. If the conviction was in a county other than Johnson County, Iowa, you should replace the address for the Johnson Country Clerk of Court with the address of the clerk for the county in which the conviction was entered. Please note, if you were represented by an attorney in your case, and the case was filed electronically, you will be required to register and file your request electronically here.  

You may only expunge a conviction for public intoxication or PAULA if you have not had another criminal (not traffic) conviction within 2 years after the date of the order of conviction. If you have a case where you were found not guilty or all charges were dismissed, you normally must wait 6 months before expungement, but in special circumstances this requirement may be waived. Please contact SLS for additional information.

If you have any questions about how to complete these forms, please contact Student Legal Services at (319) 335-3276 or another Attorney. These resources are not a substitute for legal advice.

Attorney Referral List

The attorney referral list contains the contact information for law offices that have expressed interest in obtaining referrals from Student Legal Services. Student Legal Services does not recommend the employment of any particular attorney. Please refer to "Choosing and Working with a Lawyer" below before retaining the services of an attorney. 

Renting and Landlords

Please visit our Rental Guide for more complete information, but here are a few particularly useful resources. Do not use the Sample Roommate Agreement without first getting professional legal advice. 

Check out this video for more tips for renters!

Housing Inspector Request

Housing Inspector Request

Iowa Code

Want to know exactly what the law says in Iowa? Find the up-to-date Iowa Code here.

Paying fines on-line

Want to know how to pay a fine on-line? Click here to find out.

Case Numbers

Don't know your case number? Look it up at Iowa Courts Online.

Just enter your name under "Name Search," and find the right case. You can also narrow your search by county and case type.

Information About Deferred Judgments

Charged with a crime and curious about a deferred judgment? Click here.

Information About The Marijuana Diversion Program

Charged with possession of marijuana and curious about diversion? Click here.

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