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Most leases in the Iowa City area include joint and several liability, meaning you are financially responsible for your roommates. If your roommate does not pay their share of the rent, you are on the hook for it. It is important that you pick roommates who are responsible. If you have qualms about their financial status, you may want your roommates parents’ co-sign the lease.

Alternatively, there are units in the area where you live with roommates but each person has a separate lease. You can also choose to live alone.

Set the ground rules

It is extremely important that you and your roommates are clear on your expectations. It is beneficial to all tenants to spell out your individual responsibilities in a roommate contract. By providing written documentation of each roommates responsibilities to each other, a roommate contract can help avoid disputes later on and help ensure that all roommates contribute equally to household tasks and cleaning of the apartment.

Questions about how to set-up an agreement? Please call our office at (319) 335-3276 to set up a free appointment to discuss your questions/concerns Our office hours are 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday.