Paying Fines

Warning: Before you pay a fine online, be aware that by paying a fine in a case where you haven't entered a plea, you are pleading guilty!

If you are not certain you want to plead guilty, talk to a lawyer before paying a fine.

Directions for Online Payment of Court Fines (Iowa)

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Docket Record Search" under Online Resources
  3. Click "Case Search" under Trial Court
  4. Enter your name. You can enter additional information including the county and type of case if you'd like. Click the box "I'm not a robot" and then click "Search."
  5. Click on your case,
  6. Click on "[Financial]."
  7. Click "Make a payment on this case."
  8. Follow the prompts.

You can also pay a fine by visiting or calling the Clerk of Court's office. 

If you have any questions, contact the Clerk of Court or Student Legal Services

Johnson County Clerk of Court: (319) 356-6060

Linn County Clerk of Court: (319) 398-3411

Other Iowa Clerks of Court can be found at