Q & A


Q:           Do licensed attorneys work at your office?

A:            Yes! We have two licensed attorneys at SLS. Our Supervising Attorney, Chris Malloy, has been practicing law since 2004, and our Assistant Supervising Attorney, Amanda Elkins, has been practicing since 2010. They are both in good standing with the Iowa Supreme Court and are members of the Iowa State Bar Association.


Q:           Are you services confidential?

A:            Yes! Our attorneys are bound by the Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct just like any other attorney. Even if we do not represent you in court, your communication with us is protected by attorney-client privilege. We cannot tell anyone, not even the University or your parents, about your legal issue, unless you give us permission.


Q:           Why are your services free or low-cost?

A:            Because we aren’t here to make a profit! We are funded by the University of Iowa Student Government; we receive a portion of the student activity fee that students pay each year. As such, we can only advise and represent currently registered University of Iowa students.


Q:           Do you represent people in Court?

A:            Yes, we regularly represent University of Iowa students in Johnson County, Iowa. We represent students in a number of areas including criminal, small claims, and divorce.


Q:           What are your hours?

A:            We are open from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday including winter break and in the summer. We are closed on State holidays.


Q:           How can I request an appointment?

A:            You can call our office at (319) 335.3276, or fill out a brief questionnaire on our website: http://legal.studentlife.uiowa.edu/appointments/


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