What is the definition of trespassing?

Iowa Law defines trespassing to be any of the following actions:

  1. Entering upon or in property without the express permission of the owner, lessee, or person in lawful possession with the intent to commit a public offense, to use, remove therefrom, alter, damage, harass, or place thereon or therein anything animate or inanimate, or to hunt, fish or trap on or in the property, including the act of taking or attempting to take a deer, other than a farm deer as defined in section 170.1 or preserve whitetail as defined in section 484C.1, which is on or in the property by a person who is outside the property.  This paragraph does not prohibit the unarmed pursuit of game or fur-bearing animals by a person who lawfully injured or killed the game or fur-bearing animal which comes to rest on or escapes to the property of another.
  2. Entering or remaining upon or in property without justification after being notified or requested to abstain from entering or to remove or vacate therefrom by the owner, lessee, or person in lawful possession, or the agent or employee of the owner, lessee, or person in lawful possession, or by any peace officer, magistrate, or public employee whose duty it is to supervise the use or maintenance of the property.
  3. Entering upon or in property for the purpose or with the effect of unduly interfering with the lawful use of the property by others.
  4. Being upon or in property and wrongfully using, removing therefrom, altering, damaging, harassing, or placing thereon or therein anything animate or inanimate, without the implied or actual permission of the owner, lessee, or person in lawful possession.

What does the University consider to be trespassing?

The University follows state law with respect to trespassing.

What are the consequences for trespassing?

Trespassing is a simple misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $354. If damage greater than $300 or injury to a person is caused by the trespass, it becomes a more serious crime punishable by up to a year in jail and a $2560 fine.

What are the University of Iowa's consequences for trespassing?

Trespassing is a violation of the code of conduct, and students can face sanctions including fines, non-academic probation, suspension and up to expulsion from the University.  Students accused of violations will receive notice of the violation that includes instructions for how to contest the violation.