What constitutes harassment?

Under Iowa law, a person commits harassment when, with intent to intimidate, annoy, or alarm another person, the person does any of the following:

  1. Communicates with another by telephone, telegraph, writing, or via electronic communication without legitimate purpose and in a manner likely to cause the other person annoyance or harm.
  2. Places a simulated explosive or simulated incendiary device in or near a building, vehicle, airplane, railroad engine or railroad car, or boat occupied by another person.
  3. Orders merchandise or services in the name of another, or to be delivered to another, without the other person's knowledge or consent.
  4. Reports or causes to be reported false information to a law enforcement authority implicating another in some criminal activity, knowing that the information is false, or reports the alleged occurrence of a criminal act, knowing the act did not occur.
    1. A person commits harassment when the person, purposefully and without legitimate purpose, has personal contact with another person, with the intent to threaten, intimidate, or alarm that other person.  As used in this section, unless the context otherwise requires, "personal contact" means an encounter in which two or more people are in visual or physical proximity to each other. "Personal contact" does not require a physical touching or oral communication, although it may include these types of contacts.

What should I do if I feel I am being harassed?

A person who is being harassed should contact law enforcement.

What should I do if I am accused of harassment?

If you are accused of harassment, you should contact an Attorney immediately. Under no circumstances should you attempt to contact the person you have been accused of harassing.