Last Updated August 10, 2020

State and Federal Eviction Moratoria

  • The State of Iowa eviction moratorium started on March 20, 2020, and ended on May 27, 2020.  Notices which were prohibited during the moratorium are not valid and cannot be used as a basis for an eviction even after the end of the moratorium. You may have other defenses to eviction as well. 
  • The Federal CARES Act eviction moratorium was in place from March 27, 2020 through July 25, 2020. This moratorium only protect people in certain federally backed properties. Landlords are required to give a 30-day notice of eviction for these covered properties. 

There have been several different policies, laws, and proclamations issued by the Governor of Iowa, the Iowa Supreme Court, and even the President and Congress that deal with the rights of tenants in rental housing. The issues can be complex and are changing all the time. Keep checking this website for updated information. 

Rent Obligations

Neither the State nor the Federal eviction moratorium eliminated a tenant's responsibility to pay rent. Leases are not automatically cancelled because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Landlords can still sue tenants for non-payment of rent or send their account to collections which can negatively impact one's credit score. 

If you signed a lease in the Iowa City area, but are not returning for whatever reason, you are still obligated to uphold your tenant responsibilities. You have options including subleasing and negotiating a release. 

If you are a University of Iowa student and have questions about how COVID-19 affects your renting situation, Student Legal Services may be able to help. Please contact the office to schedule an appointment.

Additional information regarding COVID-19's impact on state and federal law is available on the Iowa Legal Aid COVID-19 Website

Tenants Rights: Landlord Entry During COVID-19

If your landlord wants to show your unit and you do not want them to, it is important to know your rights as a tenant. Please consider the following in Landlord Entry During COVID.