What to Expect at an SLS Initial Consultation

Basic General Information:

  • Consultations are FREE
  • Services and communications are CONFIDENTIAL 
  • SLS is staffed by licensed attorneys
  • SLS staff is non-judgemental 

Scheduling Your Appointment:

  • Submit documentation (ex. lease, ticket, e-mails, pictures) related to your matter before your appointment so SLS staff can review it. 
  • Appointments are scheduled for 45 minutes.

At the Appointment:

  • Depending on the subject matter and facts presented, SLS staff may need to do research and then follow up with you regarding your issue. 
  • SLS may need to refer you to another attorney.
  • SLS staff will discuss your options with you, but scheduling an appointment does not bind you to any course of action.

Possible Representation:

  • SLS staff may offer representation to you but will also tell you about other options for representation.
  • SLS attorneys do not represent you until an attorney has offered representation and a client fee agreement is signed.


If you have any further questions, please email student-legal@uiowa.edu