Q & A

Q: Am I eligible for representation through Student Legal Services?

A: You are eligible for advice and representation if you are a currently registered UI student. If you retain our office while registered we will continue to handle your case after your graduation. This is because Student Legal Services is primarily funded through student activity fees from Student Government, which comes straight from your tuition. We are YOUR lawyers.

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: Make an appointment by simply calling us at 319-335-3276 or walking in during our scheduled office hours.

Q: I'm having a legal issue, how long should I wait to make an appointment?

A: Make an appointment as soon as you can! Students often wait far too long after their arrest or landlord problem and it is harder for us to help them.

 Q: How much will I have to pay to use Student Legal Services ?

A: Legal advice is free of charge for currently registered University of Iowa students. Representation comes with a nominal fee that varies depending on the services you require. These fees are one-time payments which are relatively small compared to the hourly costs of private attorneys, an you will only pay a fee if you ask us to represent you in court. Our current fee schedule can be found here.

Q: Why can't I make an appointment over email?

A: Due to the high volume of students requesting our services, it is necessary to speak directly to a staff member to schedule an appointment. We are willing and able to schedule appointments in a timely manner, and email exchanges can often be delayed. You can, however, expedite the process by filling out a form before calling our office at the "Appointments" page on this website.

 Q: Can I just get my advice over the phone?

A: We cannot give legal advice to clients over the phone. You will need to come into the office and sign an intake form in person for us to represent you or give you advice.

 Q: How can I get an attorney to give a presentation to my student group?

A: Email the undergraduate director (sara-puffer@uiowa.edu) to set up a time for our Staff Attorney, Chris Malloy, to give a presentation to your greek house, dorm floor, team, or student organization. We can give presentations on Criminal and Landlord/Tenant issues.

Q: How many clients does your office deal with on average?

A: The office typically sees approximately 30-50 students a week. However, we often see as many as 80 during certain high volume weeks throughout the school year.